Offering Healthy and Organic Food Distribution
through-out the Hawaiian Island Chain

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Photo: Christine Burke

Kahuna Distribution Mission Statement

Kahuna Distribution is dedicated to providing quality food products within the Hawaii marketplace with our primary focus on Natural and Organic foods. We also keep a close eye on the future, bringing in several up and coming Natural food products that complement the growing health conscious lifestyle of Hawaii’s residents.


Customer Service

We are deeply committed to providing individual customer service. We know that our customers depend on us for our products and we understand the demands of running both small and large businesses in Hawaii.

We provide service to our Neighbor Islands with the options of our direct service/merchandising or through outside services such as shipping, trucking, and airline transport.


Leading Products

  • Organic, Cold Brew, Pressure Pasteurized, and Locally Brewed Beverages

  • Frozen Fruit, Fruit Puree, Fruit Juices

  • Sambazon Acai Pulp and Sorbet

  • Big Train Coffee Blended Drinks

  • Ice Cream and Sorbet

  • Healthy Grab and Go Snacks and Energy Bars